Funny Birthday Poem For Boyfriend #8

May your birthday be a blast
May it last and last
May your gifts be earnest and right
May your life's reflection be bright
May you recognize where many gifts originate
And be especially kind to your girlfriend even if she's late

(alternate ending)
And all this happens because you have such a great girlfriend

Funny Birthday Poem For Boyfriend #7

On this most distinct of days the seas and sky blend in blue
The lion and lamb are at peace in every place
Worlds unite in harmony as fair children dance and sing
And in your deepest wisdom on this day of your noble birth
You will get drunk and fall asleep in your own puke.

Happy Birthday Puker!

Funny Birthday Poems For Boyfriend #6


And you my super hero,

Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Poem for Boyfriend #5

It's time for your party
It's time for your cake
It's time to make noise
It's time to get toys
It's for me to say...

(inside of card)
I want to get married and have 12 babies!
Just kidding, Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Poems For Boyfriend #4

I like your locks
But not your stinky socks

I like your sweet lines
But don't care to pay your fines

I like your smooth stride
But not your rusty ride

I like when you compliment
But not your belly lint

I like you at the park
But not when you bark

I'd like to share this birthday with you
That's why I got us a table for two

Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Poem For Boyfriend #3

Pig out with cake
Sing along with your birthday song
Sit back and open your presents with pride
Because tomorrow you'll need to hit the gym fatty

Funny Birthday Poem for Boyfriend #2

If you were a dog you'd be a doberman
If you were a hog you'd be a Harley
If you were a hippie you'd be dressed in the coolest of brown
If you were a party you'd make it laugh and sing
If you were a day you'd be a birthday, all beautiful and bright, and lovely and,
enough already, where are my presents?

Funny Birthday Poems for Boyfriend #1

You're smart and have a dear heart

You're Luscious and lovely

You're kind and cute

You're driven and livin'

You're bold and old

Happy Birthday